International Festival of Polish Folklore

Rzeszów 2019 Information page

Lajkonik is going to Rzeszow!

This summer 2019 Lajkonik will be performing at the 50th anniversary Festiwal Zespołów Polonijnych in Rzeszow, Poland. This international festival of Polish folk dance brings together over 30 groups from countries like Great Britain, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Australia and of course the United States. Lajkonik will be there, proudly representing Tucson and Arizona on the international stage! We will be performing five times from July 17th to the 25th, with two nationally televised performances on the 22nd and 24th.

This will be the fourth time that Lajkonik has been invited to participate in this prestigious event. This year we will feature our dances from the Przeworsk, Spisz, and Podlasie regions. In addition, we will be representing American dance with our Disco suite, highlighting the unique styles developed in the 1970s. We are very excited for this opportunity to showcase our dances.

Being in Poland and part of this festival also brings opportunities to learn from other dance groups. During the last festival we workshopped Rzeszow dances with a local folk dance group, and this time we will collaborate with a well-respected choreographer and a group from the Warsaw University of Technology. We will be working on new choreography for the Polish national dance the mazur. We can’t wait to share with you what we learned.

Lajkonik brings together young people interested in Polish culture and shares Poland’s rich dance traditions with Tucson, Arizona and the western United States. We wouldn’t be able to keep dancing if it weren’t for the support of our community. If you’d like to help us to defray the cost of this terrific opportunity in Poland, to get costumes, and to expand our Lajkonik family, please click the donate button in the upper right corner!

Thank you for your strong support of our group. We will make you proud in Poland!

Here is a detailed list of dates and events Lajkonik will be performing at:

July 19th (Friday)
Opening of the festival - Lajkonik will take part in a big street parade in Rzeszów.

July 20th (Saturday)
"Przystanek Strzyżów" (Strzyżów Stop) - a side event to this year festival in a town of Strzyżów Lajkonik will preform with some local Polish groups.

July 21st (Sunday)
"Dni Polonijne" (Polonia days) - Lajkonik will perform on a market square stage in Rzeszów with other polonia dancing groups.

July 22nd (Monday)
"Z czterech stron..." (From four corners of the world) - When all groups will perform country of origin dances - this year Lajkonik will groove with Disco.

July 24th (Wednesday)
"Póki my żyjemy" (So long as we still live) - This year theme will include all groups dancing Mazur, the most noble of Polish national dances.

Below you can find official posters from those festival Events (in Polish)

More information can also be found on Festival official website and Facebook

And once again thank you to all of our supporters!

This great tour would jave not happened without you.

If you want Lajkonik to keep dancing old and new dances and have beautiful authentic new costumes, you can donate and be our supporter anytime!