Lajkonik Polish Folk Ensemble is recruiting new dancers!

Thanks for being interested in dancing with Lajkonik! We are a traditional Polish folk-dance group with a focus on sharing exciting traditional dances, sharing culture in an inclusive way, and building community.

Take a look at the videos on this page and the points below, and if you’re interested in dancing or contributing contact us!
(So we know you’re coming)

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Quick FAQ:

  • There is no dance experience required!
  • FREE! No membership fees to keep it open to all
  • 50% of our group has no Polish roots and it is NOT required
  • Yeah, we are pretty cool, thanks for asking!

Contact to Artistic Director

Matt Schmit -

Do you like to dance and perform?

  • No dance experience required!
  • Learn different styles of dance from all over Poland!
  • 10-15 performance opportunities each year!
  • Get on stage and have a blast with people who love the thrill of performing!

Like to learn about different cultures?

  • Get to perform in authentic traditional costumes!
  • 9 different suites from across Poland in our repertoire
  • 50% of group has no polish roots! Just here for fun and to learn!
  • Cultural organizations look GREAT on applications.

Like to travel?

Perform in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City
and this year, our trip to Rzeszow Poland for the international Festival of Polish Folk Groups!

Here is the video from 2019

Build community!

  • If you’re new in town, it’s a great way to get settled
  • No fees to dance so it’s easy to join
  • Our goal is to be welcoming and have fun!

Explore your own heritage?

I bet we have a dance from where your Babcia is from!